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Kayaking on Frampton Inlet

Take a short paddle to a secluded beach known to locals as "Shell Island” for an amazing unique experience, or paddle up Frampton Creek, a family friendly creek with very little motor boat traffic to see nature at its most magnificent. As you paddle there is a strong chance you will see a variety of bird species and marine life. Depending on the tide, you also have a good chance of seeing a dolphin or two sharing the creek with you! If you choose, explore the many small feeder creeks that wind their way through a vast marsh area, several of them allowing for beach access.


Go at your own pace and the direction of your choosing.  

Pull up on a secluded beach with few footprints, and more shells than any other location on the island to find that “special shell” you have always been looking for. There are an abundance of whelk shells, pen shells, sand dollars, olive shells, and many other types of shells to marvel over. Our visitors often come back to the landing with sharks teeth as well, and many different types of fossils. For a small fee you are welcome to launch your own kayak/canoe to explore the most serene area on the Island.  On site staff is available to get you started and point you and your group in the right direction for the adventure of a lifetime!

Kayak/Canoe Rental & Launch

$30.00 (3 hours)

$20.00 launch your own (3 hours)

Availability can depend on tides, weather, and winds. Although not always necessary,  reservations should be made at least a day in advance. We strongly recommend sun block, insect repellent, and shoes for walking over shells. We accept payment by cash or check.

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